Yes of course. But you know, it’s not really so much that I don’t like it, as that I’m interested in it, and the fact that so many people to defend it so fervently is just rather fascinating. And of course I may be wrong about it.

But to me it is exactly like when people say “I could care less…” I know they mean “I couldn’t care less…” even if they don’t know they mean that. “Could” stands in for “couldn’t”, “could” MEANS “couldn’t” in this context, by some cultural hive-mind decision that defies all grammar and logic. No matter how many times you explain it, people still say “I could care less” to mean its opposite. So in this situation, to take the democratic view, they’re right and “could” means “couldn’t.” But it’s not actually right, that’s the interesting part.

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I am Dr. Frank. I write books and songs. Mtx Forever.

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