When is Valentine’s Day? Just now…

Dr Frank Live at the Court Tavern is theoretically out now

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So now, we wait.

“Dibs” for the physical flexi disk, RAD-012–7F, are open and ordering for that and its associated items will begin next week or so. (You can sign up here.)

But, that said, the “official” release date of the new 3-song e.p. Dr Frank Live at the Court Tavern is today, Feb. 14, 2019, Valentines Day. What that means is that the digital version of this release is scheduled to go “up” today. The files of the songs with the associated artwork will theoretically, at some point, show up on all the services like Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, et al. for purchase and streaming. We set it up that way.

But when I wrote up the announcement for the release, I added a parenthetical “God willing” to the date, because one of the curious features of our slick new all-digital hyper-sophisticated, lightning-fast, eminently efficient technological information structure is that dates and times don’t mean what they once did. Scheduling a release for a particular date doesn’t necessarily mean the files will populate to the services on that specific date. It’s more of a ballpark estimate, a hope. A prayer. Sometime around the date, God willing, this imaginary, non-physical item will appear to appear.

And even when it does manifest, the manifestation will not occur at any specifiable date or time. It will be “just now.”

Just now… I’ve really grown to hate that ubiquitous, spurious time-stamp substitute that shows up constantly on my phone and everywhere all over the internet. It is 100% useless for any inquiry about anything. But it is useful in that, with it as the primary chronological marker nothing can ever be late, or inaccurate. It relieves our devices, and us, of the possibility of precision, and thus also of the responsibility for being precise and on time. Indeed, in our app-driven world time itself is no more than binary: it’s “not yet” vs. “just now.”

So Dr Frank Live at the Court Tavern, digital version, as of now (02.14.2019 08:47 PST by the old reckoning) inhabits a nebulous liminal realm in between “not yet” and “just now.” I still hold out hope, and pray to God, that it will manifest itself at some point along the binary timeline. Pray to your God, too, if you like. It certainly can’t hurt.

In the meantime, sign up for “dibs” and wait a bit for the physical item (it’s better than than the virtual one anyway) to hear all the songs. And listen to this:

And/or head over to Sounds Rad for 30% off all currently available Dr Frank items, with the code word GROOVY. Today only. When is today? Feb. 14, 2019. Valentine’s Day. I’m sticking to my guns on specific dates. I’m old fashioned that way.

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I am Dr. Frank. I write books and songs. Mtx Forever.

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