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Frank Portman
7 min readSep 22, 2021

UPDATE, 09.25.21: And… it’s over. Thanks everybody. We’ll do it again sometime I’m sure.

UPDATE, 09.24.21: Hey, it’s been fun, but I’m going to wind this down today. There’s still a brief window to get last minute orders in while I pack everything up and tie up the loose ends, but once I box it all up it’s over for this time. (This will probably be after lunchtime, when I usually post my final image of the day, for those who follow my “schedule.” Look for a pretty lady.)

— If you got a message from me saying I ran out of Alcatraz LPs: I thought that was the case, but I found another box, so they are still available.

— I believe I’ve responded to all order messages, but if you didn’t get a response it’s because something got lost in the shuffle, so now would be the time to re-send.

— We’ve sorted out the international shipping situation, which is ruinously expensive but doable. These orders will be shipped by our friends at Sounds Rad, who know better how to do such things than the humble, poor but honest singer-songwriter typing to you now. You still order through me, though.

— Things that are (still) gone: Milk Milk Lemonade, Dr Frank & the Bye Bye Blackbirds “Hitler” / “Population: Us” 7"; Sam Hellerman shirts size L.

Thanks again, everyone. This was a good time.

UPDATE, 09.23.21:

— we are fresh out of Milk Milk Lemonade (and I’ve made a note at the item.) I’ll continue to add notes here as other things run out.

— also, apologies to people outside of the US. Things have changed a lot since I last did this and shipping costs are crazy, literally incredibly expensive. I’m still trying to figure out the best option and I’ll let you know when I do. But that’s the cause of the delay.

— somehow Andromeda Klein got left off the book list. Added below.

Interest in this has far exceeded my expectations, so thanks for that!

Hey so it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these sort of pop up record sales, but, well, now is the time, I reckon. I’ve got vinyl, CDs, cassettes, books, and shirts… plus an MTX/Cubs 2016 “World Champions Approximately” pennant. (See below for illustrated list.) I’ll sign anything signable, if you want, however you like, just let me know.

The way it works is, you send an email to me saying what you want, I reply with a total price incl. shipping and handling, you PayPal me, and I send you the stuff. Please mention if you are outside of the US and if so where because that obviously affects shipping. (Also, note that Canada is, in fact, outside of the US.)

The email address for this is: themagnificentdrfrank at gmail dot com. That’s the PayPal address as well. When you do the PayPal thing, be sure to do it as an order for goods/services (NOT “send money to family/friends”); enter your address in the order; and leave a note saying what it’s for and any instructions like, if you want it signed or whatever.

This is all that remains of the Lookout MTX and Dr Frank stock, all new/still sealed — I’m pretty sure it’s the very last of it, unless something unexpectedly turns up in someone’s basement. There’s also some Sounds Rad stuff as well as assorted other odds and ends. The shirt quantities in any given size are extremely limited. First come, first served on everything.

Prices, unless otherwise noted: LP 20. / double LP 30. / CD 10. / double CD 15. / vinyl EP 15. / CD EP 8. / cassette 10. / seven inch 8. / Books, hardcover 20./ paperback 10. / Shirt 20 / parody commemorative pennant 5.

This’ll be quick; basically, as before, I’ll do it till it stops being fun (usually two or three days)— when it stops it’s over, and likely for a long, long while, so act now if you want in.



— Everybody’s Entitled to Their Own Opinion (LK 039) CD only

— Night Shift at the Thrill Factory (LK 144) LP and CD

— Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood (LK 145 CD) CD only. This is the 1997 Lookout compilation CD of the original seven-song 1989 EP plus all those bonus tracks; I also have the re-issue of the EP on 10" vinyl (see below as well.)

— Making Things with Light (LK 37) LP and CD

— Milk Milk Lemonade (LK 49) LP only (SOLD OUT — all gone!)

— Show Business Is My Life (LK 222) CD only

— Alcatraz (LK 232) LP and CD

— Yesterday Rules (LK 299) CD only

— MTX Shards vol. 1 (RAD-003) LP and cassette

— MTX Shards vol. 2 (RAD-004) LP and cassette

— MTX Shards vol 1 and 2 (RAD-008–2) double CD

— King Dork Approximately the Album (RAD-002) LP and CD

— Mtx forever (RAD-009) double LP and CD ($12)

— Dr Frank The Way It Sounds Like (RAD-007–3) cassette only


— Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood (LK 145) vinyl 10" (this is the Lookout re-issue; I have the CD comp. as well — see above.)

— The Miracle of Shame (LK 254) CD only


— “Andromeda Klein” / “Bethlehem” (JB-081)

— “Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend” / “Population: US” (Dr Frank and the Bye Bye Blackbirds) (GLR-016) (SOLD OUT)


— King Dork: hardcover $20; paperback $10; audiobook (10 CDs) $25

— Andromeda Klein: hardcover $20; audiobook (10 CDs) $25. (Paperback sold out.)

— King Dork Approximately: hardcover $20; paperback $10; audiobook (10 CDs) $25. (Paperback “balbum” still comes with free album download, btw.)


— King Dork Approximately logo: XL, L, M, S

— Dr Frank logo, shiny silver on black: XXL, XL, L, S, XS

— Dr Frank logo “strings”: L, M, S

— Sam Hellerman Is a Genius: XL (these are from a short run of “home-made” shirts done for publishing people before King Dork came out)

and: S, Ladies M (these are the ones done post-publication by Little Type)

— MTX Songs about Girls: the Sounds Rad edition, M, S (assorted colors)


— MTX/Cubs 2016 “World Champions Approximately” pennant

And, that’s all!