The Dr Frank Weakly Reader for 10.5.18

Well, Google killed my spirit. Or rather, more specifically, Google killed my “weakly reader” annotated link round-up last week. The spirit grew back just fine, as always, but the “weakly reader” is still dead, summarily deleted because of some unspecified violation of purposely vague terms of service regarding “promotional/relevant” content. What’s more, I can’t review the deleted post to try to figure out what it is I may have done wrong. My guess is, some turn of phrase seemed more “promotional” than informational, saying “order from Interpunk” rather than something like “it is theoretically possible for one to place an order with Interpunk, or so I have heard, but please don’t do it.” Or maybe my Chas and Dave video link was thought not to be “relevant.”

As I’ve said before, and no doubt ad nauseam, today’s scattered internet of engineered ephemerality and disappearing content does not suit my needs. At minimum, I need a reliable index of my various posts across all the platforms, so they can be referred to and found in the future, as required. And since no index is provided by any of these benighted “platforms” I have contrived to create my own manual index each week, keeping track of my stuff and posting a round-up on Friday.

In many ways, the “posts on google” feature was ideal for the purpose, since it was easily shareable across platforms and, of course, searchable by itself. However, I need hardly point out that a search system that the deletes information even as it searches it doesn’t have a whole lot going for it as a reliable index. And not knowing whether or not my painstakingly assembled index will be summarily deleted at any point, on the basis of unknowable criteria — that obviously isn’t going to work for this purpose.

I’m so tired of other people being in charge of what I can say, even — maybe especially — when it comes to the routine and relatively trivial. But this is the world we live in. If we want to “share” stuff, we have to do it on the platforms’ terms. The bastards.

But anyway, as you have no doubt gathered, I am as of today shifting the weekly manual index to Lord knows, Medium could well delete it too. We’ll see what happens, won’t we? In the meantime, this will be a long one because I’m including the deleted week’s material along with last week’s activity. There is good stuff in there that you might well have missed (owing to the other big flaw in our current internet, the deliberate hiding of information by these selfsame nefarious “platforms” — why did we let them establish this dystopian system again?) But it’s as much for me as any of you. There may be a time, a couple of weeks or years hence, when I might want to try to locate one of these items and I obviously can’t leave it up to our delete-happy invisiblizing internet overlords.


— Interpunk is offering some deals with extras, and as of press time still has some of the scarce vol. 1 LPs in stock. At one stage, as pictured, we were Shards formats occupied #1, #2, and #3 on the Interpunk “Top Selling Music” list. We were the Beatles, sort of, briefly.

— Lauren got her Shards vol. 2, and here it sure looks good spinning; and Heather got her Shards vol. 2 box; and here’s Troy’s boxes.

— Marisa got her Shards vol. 2 box and unboxed it:

— Be Independent, a store in Colorado Springs, has both volumes of Shards in stock. You can order on line as well. (As I become aware of them, I intend to note stores that carry these records, just to help people out because I’m helpful like that. So, Colorado Springs, Be Independent’s got you covered.

— What Shards vol. 2 shipping looks like.

— "These fancy shipping boxes are taking over. Pretty soon I’ll need a fancy box just to store them all!”

— The Mr T Experience — “I Was Losing You All Along” (from Shards vol.1) “official video” sort of.

— Minor secrets of The Mr T Experience — “I Was Losing You All Along” revealed!

— And here’s your Friday morning “I Was Losing You All Along” from Cydne.

— And here’s another “I Was Losing You All Along”, from me, Belgium, 2012. I remembered substantial portions of this song, yay me.

— The Pins So Far. Hey, I’m collecting them just like everyone else.


— just showing off my 1960 double cutaway Les Paul Jr. on the guitar players group.

— thoughts on dreadnoughts.

pic of Dr Frank live in Turin Italy 2012.

— Rock ’n’ Roll News, i.e., that one time my band was in Creem, 1988.

— Check out Heather singing “Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba” to her dog.

— Last month’s “songs for Odin” posts aggregated and edited into a single post to save them from oblivion.

— The Japanese really excel at appreciating “Book of Revelation”.

— The Mr T Experience-“Now We Are Twenty-One” live at Gilman, 1988.

— Minor Secrets of the Mr T Experience-”Now We Are Twenty-One” live at Gilman, 1988 revealed!

— This collage artwork allegedly by (or in imitation of?) Winston Smith used to be on the wall in the Lookout Records office according to the academic/punk archivist who posted it, which is why it seems vaguely familiar. Also, it’s quite funny.


— Appreciating Records with Dr Frank. Collecting my posts on the Vinyl Collector group in a single Medium post (the first of what may be several installments… we’ll see.)

— Speaking of, here I am appreciating Ethel the Frog.

— THE WAY HOW I USED TO DO VOCALS LIKE: Yesterday Rules vox session, 2003.

— Song for Mon.: James Taylor — “Knocking ‘round the Zoo”. Write up here.

— Good morning world: Jerome Richardson Quartet — “No Problem”; The Bugaloos — “Gna Gna Gna Gna Gna”; The Pentangle — “Light Flight”; Leon Kottke — “Last Steam Engine Train”

— Chas Hodges (of Chas and Dave) passed away this week. I’ve been a fan ever since I heard this song on the Dr Demento ca ’79. RIP.

— Marty Balin also, RIP. Here’s just a really cool pic of the Jefferson Airplane.

— 28 trombones playing “Bohemian Rhapsody”

— Listen baby you really wouldn’t understand. Dali meets Alice.

— Alice meets Ann


— This my friends is the substance that, injected intravenously, turns women into cats.

— post-Equinox photo, mowing the Stonehenge lawn.

— Stay in his mind: be a mindsticker.

Our teacher is beautiful

— It is tax time for artists and other procrastinators.

— That’s what love means to me.

— Went to Chris and Jenny’s wedding, and celebrated on the internet with this image of a bride and groom drinking pitchers of beer.

— Hey, handsome, wouldn’t a gun be quicker?

— Halloween begins; and continues; and continues.


— “When supplies of drugs run low, drug prices mysteriously rise, data shows…” Mysteriously!

— They submitted a section of Mein Kampf, inserting buzzwords like “solidarity allyship”, “neo-liberal feminism” and “‘multi-variate matrix of domination” and managed to get it published in an allegedly serious academic journal. Whatever else it is, that is top-level trolling.

— To be fair, a sharp decline from effectively zero isn’t all that far to fall. Both are equally better than a kick in the teeth, though calling them “payments” adds insult to injury.

Report: It’s Not Okay To Just Start Talking To People You Don’t Know

I am Dr. Frank. I write books and songs. Mtx Forever.

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