Tape Hunt Notes (part 1)

this be the hard drive

Everybody’s Entitled to Their Own Opinion

Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood

— Rough US 68: the original mix for the Rough Trade 12" still exists; the remix we did for the Lookout re-issue 10" and CD has disappeared.

Making Things with Light

— Well, as life proves time and again, the secret to true satisfaction is low expectations. The lower the better, really. I approach these tapes with so much trepidation and pre-emptive cringing that the reality tends to be a pleasant surprise because, how could it not? For a lot of this material I am basically listening to it for the first time since it was recorded (and even then I didn’t always listen very closely.) And in some cases it’s almost like it’s stuff done by a different guy entirely, that’s how distant I am from some of it.

Milk Milk Lemonade

— "See It Now”: I remember when we were still working this one out we did a bit of it on stage during a sound system breakdown at Gilman just to have something to do. Afterwards Tim Yohannan came up to me, rather exercised with emotion, and said “what the fuck was that supposed to be, Mott the fucking Hoople?” And I kind of stared off into space at the rafters, lost in thought, saying to myself, “mm, Mott the Hoople… yeah…” And I think he flipped me off as he walked away. Good times.

Our Bodies Our Selves

Love Is Dead

Revenge Is Sweet and So Are You

The Miracle of Shame



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