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The Dr Frank Weakly Reader for 7.24.2020

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ello and welcome to another Dr Frank Weakly Reader, that thing where I produce and expanded, annotated, and illustrated recap of the week in Dr Frank. I do it for myself, mainly, to index my own “content” so I may find it later if I ever wish to; but as always, feel free to read along if you like.

The photo above was posted by an Italian guy named Davide in response to the Song for Odin video of MTX doing “Velveeta” in Genoa, Italy in October of 1996. (Scroll down.) Seems he was actually at that show, and clearly I must have signed his jacket there. I mean, the date checks out. (Note to self: always date your autographs, Doctor — it comes in handy.) Anyway, that’s a long time to hold on to a jacket, but I suppose it’s a long time to keep a band going, sort of, as well. Kinda cool.

And now: read on, reader…


—Covid-19 hits The Mr T Experience… and the Women Who Love Them: the Sounds Radical re-issue, that is, of course, and … here’s the news on that…

Allow me to quote myself from last week:

The order link emails went out to people on the “dibs” list on Wednesday, July 8, so we’re another step closer to the release (“street date”) of this restored behemoth. (At under twelve minutes a side, the shortest behemoth on record, I know.) That date is August 14, unless something goes wrong.

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And… something went wrong…

To no one’s great surprise, I should think, the pandemic is still plaguing the record manufacturing system. Our plant is by Tennessee law running at one third capacity and we’ve just learned as of today that there’s going to be a bit of a delay in this “deliverable.” (And face it, there were often delays of this kind even before Covid hit. It’s just part of the world of vanity record pressing.) We’ll miss the official release date of August 14, though not by all that much if we’re lucky. Thanks for your patience. (That’s only for the vinyl edition — CDs should be in on time, if that’s of interest to you.)

Anyway, that said, the vinyl will get pressed and shipped as soon as possible. And as to that: the whole “dibs” limited first pressing on 180 gram silver-gray vinyl with pin and custom box is “kicked,” as Sounds Rad likes to say, meaning “all gone” as with the contents of a keg of beer after the liquid within has been drunk. The second edition (150 grams, still colored vinyl) is still available from Sounds Rad and retailers when you can find them. e.g.: Interpunk, Amazon, etc. (Sounds Rad has a list of links to various outlets on the main page. Scroll down — it’s the second item currently.)

You can also head over to the sign-up page for the Sounds Rad mailing list if you want to be informed of future stuff like this.

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— The obligatory commemorative limited edition …atWWLT shirt: Sounds Rad’s got ’em, a re-creation of the design we did way back when. If you’re interested go here. Not sure how long they’ll be around, so that’s something you might want to take into consideration.

— …and more to come: we’re working further projects in the MTX and Dr Frank products and services line, but we’re going to have to accept a certain amount of uncertainty in scheduling for the foreseeable future.

Wishing you, us, and Tennessee well, I remain,

— your Doctor.

As I said above, the best way to keep abreast of developments in these areas is to sign up for the Sounds Rad mailing list.


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King Dork: A guy who bought it a copy of the book at a show posted a pic of the book and the ticket (August 2015, Screeching Weasel, the Queers, and MTX in San Diego) on the Lookout Records FB page.

Just a couple points on that: (a) that was quite a memorable show, the one where “Dangerous” Dave’s drunkeness resulted in a fist fight on stage; and (b) being allowed to sell my own books at shows was a big struggle because of the publisher’s non-competition policy, meaning if I wanted books to be sold at such events I’d have to engage a bookshop to come in and set up a table. I tried that a few times, but very few bookshops wanted to man a table deep into the night past midnight and it hardly ever happened. After a lot of finagling and agitating, I was finally able to arrange it, by setting myself up as a sort of one-man bookstore. So come on by to my store (once shows start again): we’ve got a limited selection but the author will sign them and the salesgirl will give you a sticker or something. Better than Barnes & Noble.

You’ll also find the books at Sounds Rad.


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“Ideal form of three chord songs. There are 3 sounds. Expressing a melody with gradual change only by chord change. Lookout Records anytime.” Translated from the Japanese by Google, via twitter, on the subject of “Sackcloth and Ashes.”

— The Notorious Dr Frank: from the original the Love Is Dead one-sheet.

— “The Mr. T Experience Pop Punk Band Poster”: a website called My Hot Posters dot com is selling an extremely low-quality poster that appropriatess images and text from the “…and I Will Be with You” seven-inch. I guess you’d call it a bootleg. With all there is out there to steal, it’s a funny choice, though the actual artwork is great, one of my favorite Chris Appelgren productions. Anyway, don’t buy one. Sounds Rad has way better, more authentic stuff.

— Lookin’ good, Ben’s Mtx forever:

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btw, Mtx forever is still a thing

— A bit more “I’m Like Yeah…”: After I posted my solo guitar video of this song as a way of begging people to subscribe to my channel (as one does) someone posted the link to this live rendition from the 1998 show that started the whole Song for Odin thing:

And I followed suit, as one does. Go ahead, subscribe to my channel, what could go wrong?

— Odin: The Mr T Experience — “Velveeta” live at the Nessun Dorma, Genoa, Italy, October, 1996:

As referenced above. “Minor secrets” are here. Previous “Velveeta” Songs for Odin write-up here. Playlist of other songs posted so far from that set is here. Songs for Odin playlist is here.

— …and finally, here’s Ukulele Hiro doing “Love Is Dead” on bandcamp:


— Seen on twitter, a man after my own heart:

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— “Yes Doctor.” She made the word sound erotic…: from Ross MacDonald’s The Doomsters. Been there.


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— Emitt Rhodes died and I posted the usual commemorative photo. I wrote some stuff about that first solo album here (scroll down).

— Annie Ross as well.


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— Roman calendar: Symphorosa and her seven sons; Justa and Rufina; Margaret of Antioch hitting a devil with a hammer; Saint (and Prophet) Daniel, among the lions; Magdalene Penitent in marble; Saint Apollinaris in the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe; The Mysteries of Saint Cristina of Bolsena — more detail on that here

— Behold: a girl in a short dress hanging from a man hanging from a parachute, in space (this is why you come to here, isn’t it?); do not disturb the young Jimmy Stewart; sound was sexy in the days of the Bell & Howell Sound Machine; looking good for the aliens; pure horror; pretty girl by window; Lung League 2017, Garrigosa Studio, Barcelona…

…and finally:

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Jane Birkin in La Piscine (1969)


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— I hear ya, Caitlin:

I like my Catholicism to be full of reliquaries, mystics, miraculous occurrences in Spanish villages. I want mantillas and holy wells and golden surpluses and battered brass. I want Byzantium. Vatican 2 was the Robert Moses of the operation.

— I hear ya, Amy:

Sometimes I feel like I’m going to go insane when every voice on the radio, every email from work, every written communication & social media post are in woke-speak; it’s a collective madness. Like I’m living in a super religious, pious society & I’m one of the atheists.


nd that’ll wrap it up for this here Dr Frank Weakly Reader. But for those who have made it this far down the page, here’s Natalie Wood playing the guitar:

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Next week, then?

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I am Dr. Frank. I write books and songs. Mtx Forever.

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