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Happy Hallowe’en e’en, and welcome to another iteration of the Dr Frank Weakly Reader, wherein I have compended a compendium of the past week’s stuff so it may be found in the future should that ever become necessary.

Lots going on in the world of MTX re-issues, some of which you can read about about directly below (on the FRONT BURNER.) More news to come, so stay tuned.

As for Hallowe’en, have a good one and don’t do anything bad, as you’ll most likely regret it.

That’s all I got in the introduction dept. this week. So, on to the weak that was…


— RAD-014–7: buy links went out to people who called “dibs” on the Sounds Rad re-issue of the old “Alternative Is Here to Stay” seven inch. Here’s how it sounds:

This is for the super limited deluxe red and black “smoke” vinyl pressing. The second “retail” pressing, on red I believe, will follow and will be available on the release date (Nov. 12.)

If there are any left after the “dibs” smoke has cleared, Sounds Rad is going to offer them to the general public for pre-order, while they last, first come first served beginning Friday, Oct. 30. The general public: that means you, probably. And Friday, that means today. Here’s that link. This is your last chance.

“New Girlfriend”, the flip:

This was this week’s Song for Odin. “Minor secrets” here. More on this release from previous write-ups here and here. Songs for Odin playlist here.

— That shirt with the ladies holding letters has returned: you know the one I mean.

It was part of Chris Appelgren’s design of the “Alternative Is Here to Stay” seven inch cover, made from a “found” image in a 1930s Film Fun magazine, if I recall correctly.

We made it into the first shirt of the mid-90s MTX Starship relaunch era and it became semi-iconic, certainly one of my favorites. So, basically, it’s back. Go here if you want one.

— RAD-013: The The Mr T Experience… and the Women Who Love Them re-issue, that is.

You can still get it from Sounds Radical — I believe we’re on to the third limited pressing now, a deep opaque red.

— Records are great:

— RAD-009: Yes, Mtx forever. Still a thing:


— Documented …atWWLT hoodie delivery, from Twinkie Punk on twitter (at left.)

This was a limited item only offered to people who called “dibs” on the …atWWLT re-isssue by Sounds Rad. Word on the street is, they may come back one of these days for the “general public”. In the meantime, here’s the current Sounds Radical “featured products” page.


— Dept. of bons mots — from one of those FB “memories”, ten years ago, still good advice:



— Roman calendar: Archangel Raphael from the Lake Tana monasteries in Ethiopia (that’s his feet, upper right); Christ the King, illuminated; Saint Demetrius, in relief; King Kaleb of Aksum; Simon and Jude Thaddeus (with Margaret of Antioch), illuminated; Narcissus of Jerusalem; Saint Æthelnoth the Good

— Halloweenies: ladies and gentlemen, June Havoc and her legs…; recognize me now?; genuine soil from Dracula’s castle; yet another lady beset by animated skeletons; G. K. Chesterton; it’s all about the glitter axe; bourgeois vampires; lady poses with paper skeletons

— …and:


Re Imaginos: very interesting.

A. Bouchard revisits the Blue Oyster Cult Imaginos album to present a “more properly realized version of the tale.”

I quite like the song in the linked video, which is either something new or a revamp of material in the original 1972 Bouchard solo album plan (it’s not clear from any of the articles I’ve seen and it’s not familiar to me from any earlier source that I can recall.)

I can definitely hear the BOC in this, in my head.

Anyway, good on him. Interested to hear the whole thing.

I was wondering why there was a big spike in traffic for my old essay about Imaginos and this has to be why. A whole lot more detail about this mysterious album is at that link if you’re interested.


— There’s always another shark to jump, from The New Republic:

— RIP Jerry Jeff Walker: a great writer and all around good guy. Will be greatly missed.


And that’ll just about do it for this edition of the Dr Frank Weakly Reader. But for those who’ve made it this far down the page and purely in the spirit of Hallowe’en goodwill:

See you next week.



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