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  • Dan Harms

    Dan Harms

    Views expressed here are not necessarily those of SUNY Cortland or United University Professions.

  • Jennifer Buckley

    Jennifer Buckley

    Music, Vinyl, Vintage Pop Culture, Collecting old stuff I don't really need and memories of happier days.

  • Dina Graves Portman

    Dina Graves Portman

    Developer Relations Engineer @ Google Cloud

  • Michelle Monet

    Michelle Monet

    Musician. Author. Poet. Seeker. Currently writing showbiz memoir and Broadway style Musical. Contact me at michelle@michellemonet.com

  • Michael J. Lotus

    Michael J. Lotus

  • Noah Lekas

    Noah Lekas

    Writer, musician and the author of “Saturday Night Sage” a collection of poetry about mysticism and menial labor,

  • Ric Royer

    Ric Royer

    Writer, Playwright, Cultural Critic. www.ricroyer.com

  • Nancy Rommelmann

    Nancy Rommelmann

    Journalist (LA Weekly, NYT, WSJ, Reason). Author of TO THE BRIDGE, A TRUE STORY OF MOTHERHOOD AND MURDER. More at nancyromm.com

  • Brad Glasgow

    Brad Glasgow

    Freelance Writer. Award-winning journalist. brad@gameobjective.com

  • A Considered Opinion

    A Considered Opinion

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