Dr Frank Weakly Reader for 12.28.2018

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Yes here we are, yet another weekly digest, all the stuff that happened that you probably missed. I do this in case anybody might want to see the things that our internet overlords decided to hide, but also so I can find items myself (because they also hide it from me.) I had a vague idea of trying to sum up the year in some way, but: well, for me it was a year of record releases, tapes, archive excavation, and passive-aggressive censorship. But I find I can’t summon the energy to say much about it, except: internet, if you’re listening, I know what’s going on and cut it out. Anyway, it was the year that was.

Still on the front burner here are:

— Mtx forever: the comp. To wit, Sounds Radical is still putting out a “retrospective” MTX compilation, ’85–2004 and we’re still soliciting input as to what songs should be on it. The voting still remains open while we figure this stuff out. Full detail here.)

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— Shows: We’ve still got MTX in Indianapolis and St. Louis coming. Details are here, and see you there.

— The Holiday Hootenanny in Berkeley was quite a scene. The elusive Grim Deeds was there in full corpse-paint shirtless glory, with Christmas tights, and included the intermission involving socks (which I’d never theretofore seen in person, so to speak.) I did my “Grim Deeds” theme song of course, but he went one better and did songs about both me and Kepi. As for Kepi, rock and roll never forgets. I did mostly new stuff, but also: Eddie Noack’s “Psycho”, John Jorgenson and Carlene Carter’s “55 Telecaster Under My Tree”, Toby Keith’s “War on Christmas”, and, for maybe the first time solo, “When I Lost You.” This show was mainly the aftermath of a family party and while there were some people there who knew of me and my stuff I would say that most did not. Maybe that’s why, to my great surprise, I managed to get them dancing. Actually dancing, to some guy with an acoustic guitar, barking nonsense into a microphone. A true Christmas miracle.

— The cast of Holiday Hootenanny.

— Song for Odin™ took a break for Christmas, but I directed people to the playlist of finger-picked favorites and got quite a response. It’s funny how easy it is to miss things and/or forget all about them on this internet of ours. I’ve got more Song for Odin™ stuff planned for the new year, Wednesday like regular.

Reviewing the Situation

I’ve been forensically listening to tapes and posting about it here and there. I am probably going to aggregate these with other posts of the type at some point so they will be easier to find and access but in the meantime:

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Milk Milk Lemonade: On Tim Yohannan’s reaction to “See It Now”; The Case of the Missing “Love American Style”.

Our Bodies Our Selves: my analysis of the “I Feel Love” guitar solo (Joe King — who has always said OBOS is his favorite onechimed in on the face-thing to say “covering this was genius” which, you know, works for me);

The Miracle of Shame: some “minor secrets” of this release posted here, plus comments on FB (“Spy vs. Spy” vs. “Leave the Thinking to the Smart People”);

Yesterday Rules: comment from Jonas and further comments.

More MTX

— Lauren Banjo’s “MTX memories” Christmas contest came to a close. Everybody won, and there were a lot of great stories. Also check out her nearly complete MTX+ collection… almost there!

— Shabs Dorkus Malorkus Kinsella posted some pics of contemporary song by song college radio station notes on Love Is Dead by one Melissa J. Full post here.

— Your Friday morning “You Today”; …and on the covers playlist it goes.

— Sounds Radical enamel pins: hey, I’m collecting them too.

— Nicholas R. Opalewski, keeping the flame alive.

— Here’s a pretty thing.

— More Christmas cards from Last Will: here; here; and here.

— Our gals’ MTX-mases: Marisa’s MTX-mas; Marsha’s MTX-mas; Lauren’s MTX-mas.

Mr Dr Frank

— Got some Dr Frank stamped matches.

— My Chubby Princess (feat PK) — new single by Dr Frank: this popped up on Apple Music / iTunes. It’s not me. Coming on the heels of “Welcome to the Future (Deluxe Edition)” by The Mr T Experience popping up on Spotify last week (not us, either) it makes you wonder what’s going on. Coincidence? Skullduggery? Prank?

— Einstöck Olgerb Iceland, day drinking.

Christmas Wind-down

— A boy and his Christmas guitar; it’s a sausage Christmas; Oh Come All Ye Faithful; Newcastle birds; Buster Claus; Cat Creche Crash; Xmas hi-fi in the kitchen; Santa got game; Yesterday’s not over yet.

— Merry Christmas, world: The Bellamy Brothers — “Old Hippie Christmas”; C.W. McCall — “Sing Silent Night”; Jim o and the Shenandoah Valley Boys — “Christmas Doll”; Paddy Roberts — “Merry Christmas You Suckers”; The Yobs — “Who Had all the Christmas Cake?”; Kay Martin & Her Bodyguards — “I Know Just What You Want for Christmas”; Free Design — “Close Your Mouth (It’s Christmas)”; Di Mara Sisters — “Santa’s Italian Wife”; Angie with Pete Townshend — “Peppermint Lump”.

— “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” solved in one minute.

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I am Dr. Frank. I write books and songs. Mtx Forever.

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