Dr Frank Weakly Reader for 11.16.2018

Welcome to another roundup, fighting our dystopian internet one week at a time. Getting quite used to doing these on Medium now — let’s hope they don’t kick me off. Once again, my “home base” these days, internet-wise, is my minds.com page, at least till I find a better way. That means my posts generally start out there and migrate to the other platforms, which ban them, suppress them, invisible-ize, disorder, and otherwise mess with them, for dark reasons known only to themselves. So minds is where to go if you’d like to see the un-messed with flow. If you’d like to join in, use this link; otherwise, you can just lurk and observe.

Today’s edition is a bit late off the mark as I spent the morning drinking beers at the Fairmont with Beppe, one of the old Italian crew paying an unexpected visit to San Francisco. And a very pleasant morning it was, too, despite the smoke. Ciao Beppe!

Speaking of, this smoke is wild, and it seems way worse in the city than back here in Oakland. I’m sure it’s doing all sorts of undetectable but ultimately fatal lung damage, but where I really feel it is, it hits you right in the eyes. It’s pretty severe. Not quite Curse of Halford severe, but severe enough. Planning to remain indoors till the end of the world. (Which was always my plan, really.)

We’ve got quite a few announcements stacked up and ready to fall on top you all soon, so keep an eye on us. Shows, music, tchotchkes, writing, and well, just stay tuned.

In the meantime:

— Amoeba currently has the entire in-print MTX catalog (small but growing) in stock, including both volumes of Shards, with free shipping in the US. Act now, this could be your last chance.

— As intimated, there are some cool new Sounds Rad items in the works… announcements imminent. For the nonce, though, if nonce is the word I want, this stuff is available now.

— This is a show you can go to if you’re in San Francisco on Monday Nov. 19:

We will play songs. The details are here. The Facebook event page is here.

And away we go:


— The Mr T Experience — “There’s Something Wrong with Me,” live, Southampton, UK, 1992. Another song for Odin. And here be the “minor secrets” thereof.

— The Way How We Used to Do Stickers Like: an obscure Alcatraz era MTX sticker, designed by Chris Appelgren.

— Your Friday morning “Two Minute Itch”: Marisa covering Kepi’s cover of the old MTX song. …and on the covers playlist it goes:


— “Dr Frank, rock onRebecca ❤ Black

— whisk(e)y cabinet, from my buddy Scott in Belfast.

— I’m reading Raymond Chandler’s The Lady in the Lake. He’s good for a quote.


— I wrote a great big weird essay on The Yes Album, and the Weirdness of Ideology and of Not Knowing Your Own Mind”. It is basically a post for the minds.com Vinyl Collector group that swelled past its word count.

— Good morning world: Elizabeth Cotten — “Vestapol”; Jake Reichbart — “Theme from the Odd Couple” solo guitar.


— Gabe and Janet, Battle of the Network Stars.

— Cast a Deadly Spell screenshot.

— RIP Stan Lee.

— There is nothing like a dame.

— Somebody must paint the pin-ups before they can be pinned up.

— Too tall for love


— a bon mot from G. S. Bhogal on twitter: “When intelligent people affiliate themselves to ideology, their intellect ceases to guard against wishful thinking, and instead begins to fortify it, causing them to inadvertently mastermind their own delusion, and to very cleverly become stupid.”

— You are all inside Amazon’s second headquarters

I’m done. Have a weekend, baby.




I am Dr. Frank. I write books and songs. Mtx Forever.

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Frank Portman

Frank Portman

I am Dr. Frank. I write books and songs. Mtx Forever.

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