Dr Frank Weakly Reader for 02.22.2019

Little bands making little records for their little audiences. Not a bad thing to be doing with your life if you make them cool and pretty enough. Anyway, here’s another Weakly Reader, my weekly attempt to try to tame my little corner of the chaotic internet leviathan into a semi-rational, searchable beast. Herein will be found the things you almost certainly missed last week, and will even more certainly miss, but for this work-around, should you ever want to locate them months or years in future. Until, that is, Medium decides we have transgressed, or ceases operation and is “cancelled” because of its own transgressions, sending the whole thing right back into the memory hole. Then, we’re screwed.

Yet in that event, I imagine, we shall say: is that all there is to an auto-da-fé? If that’s all there is, my friend, then let’s keep dancing. And we’ll still have our pretty little records.


— Dr Frank Live at the Court Tavern: the release schedule for this 3 song live Dr Frank e.p. has been… eccentric, by exigency more than by design. The digital version took its sweet time about showing up in all the places it was scheduled to show up in (as I kvetched about here and here.) But a week later, it did turn up on Spotify, Amazon, and on Youtube, though under the artist name Various Artists on the latter rather than Dr Frank.

At any rate, digital isn’t real. The physical artifact is the thing that can be tripped over, that can’t be vaporized, algorithmically suppressed, or put on some kind of block list. Buy more petrochemicals, just like nana used to make. In this case it is RAD-012–7F, a 33 RPM double sided flexi, severly limited to 200 numbered copies. You can sign up for the “dibs”/ reserve list here. Order emails with buy link will go out on Monday Feb. 25 and all the associated items will go live. Almost there!

By the way, you can watch a video of one of the songs here.

— Dr Frank, Kepi, Dan Janisch, Kevin Seconds, live at the Octopus Literary Salon in Oakland, March 29. What could go wrong? Come to the show and find out.

Mtx forever: We’re still accepting “ballots” but the polls will soon close as we move into the sequencing phase of this project. (Details here.) Here’s the link if you want a last chance to weigh in.


— The Mr T Experience — “The Girl Who Still Lives at Home” live at Gilman Street, Berkeley, 1988. Video on YouTube. And here’s the “minor secrets” write-up.

— The Mr T Experience — “Sex Offender”, on Steve’s juke box. And here’s a write-up on that, about this song, Blondie, censorship, internet archival dystopia, etc.

— Jonathan London has the right idea on electoral politics.

— and, your Friday morning “That Prozac Moment”, from Ronnie Rochelle. Pretty darn good. (Soundcloud link.)


— I drink beer from a glass boot like anyone else, one leg at a time.

— Hercule Poirot, the Dark Knight: I watched the latest Agatha Christie TV adaption (the deeply revisionist new ABC Murders) and posted a “hot take” (if “hot take” means what I think it does.) Then I expanded it into a longer, more fleshed-out essay that I posted on Medium. 55 people read it, which is, presumably, 55 more people than would have read it had I not posted it.

— I took a look at the stats for my teensy-weensy YouTube channel, and begged the world to do views and shares and subscribes, and it worked, slightly. In a subsequent post, I likened the curation of this channel to the care and feeding of an invisible animal. Or maybe I am the invisible animal. Anyway, the plea to help foster the illusion that the whole thing isn’t totally pointless still stands.

— wines I have known: Kékfrancos Wetzer (I’ll admit, I picked this one up mainly because of the name and cool “logo,” but it turned out to be great); Bruce Patch Zinfandel 2014.

— sometimes I quote myself: “I feel a Jim Beam shining on me…” It’s funny because it’s true.


— Good morning world: Lightning Hopkins — “Bring Me My Shotgun”; Sloppy Seconds — “You’ve Got a Great Body but Your Record Collection Sucks”.

Boy Howdy! The Story of Creem Magazine is a film debuting in Detroit in April. Really sorry I can’t be there, and I hope it becomes viewable elsewhere soon. Creem was a big part of my life but I saw only what was on the page, and through a naive teenager’s eyes as well. I’m sure there’s a lot more to know. Anyway, it’s worth celebrating.


— I’d put them in my album if they didn’t look so dead: giant 6 ft. inflatable jaws; gondola of the night; Masculin/Feminin; Groucho and Marilyn, on the set of Love Happy; Alive, Dead, Never Alive; Joey Ramone pin-up; I don’t want to spoil the party; a certain pleasure.


— Some alarming stats on Americans’ views on free speech in this tweet thread. I responded: “thank God we’ve got a 1st Amendment,” and I am certainly glad we’ve got one. However, there’s a famous quote from Learned Hand that I will paste in there:

Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it; no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it…

If 18–29 year olds have really been taught to undervalue free speech and liberty to such an extent, and if it “takes,” the 1st Amendment, along with all the other amendments, is in trouble.

— Ken Nordine died, aged 98. There’s a whole lot more to him than the colors album, but nevertheless here’s: “Green” and “Blue”.

— Peter Tork also died. I remember him with “Your Aunti-Grizelda” and “Lady’s Baby”. I also re-posted my old essay on Monkees Derangement Syndrome. RIP, buddy.



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