Dr Frank Weakly Reader for 02.01.2019

Friday’s child is a great big ball of links, all the stuff that, for one reason or another has mostly likely escaped your notice, noted here in case they should ever need to be found again.

If I’ve been a bit distracted this week it’s because we are in the midst of Noir City, the San Francisco film noir festival that I go to every year, and the program of which is particularly great this time around. Twenty-four films in ten days, and I’m planning to see them all. So far the favorite has been Detective Story, a film I’ve known of but never got around to seeing as it turned out. I also liked The Pushover and the Kubrick’s stunning self-funded debut Killer’s Kiss, which I’m sure I’d never have seen or even really known about otherwise; Kiss Me Deadly (another I was familiar with but hadn’t quite realized I hadn’t actually seen) was just, you know, insane. Anyway, I live for this stuff. It goes through Sunday but I’m already missing it in advance.

Anyway, on to the links. Click them like you never clicked before.

Mtx forever

You can still vote (here) for songs you’d like to see on the forthcoming MTX retrospective compilation album. We’re going to have more news on that soon.


— The Mr T Experience — “Dumb Little Band”, live in Indianapolis, 2019. Song for Odin™. Yep, we’re still doing it. Video on Youtube, “minor secrets” on minds.

— Minor Secrets of the Mr T Experience, Part Eleven: aggregating the past few weeks’ worth of Songs for Odin™entries, new post on Medium.

— I get messages on the internet:

Hey man I love your band but I think you and Joe Queer need to admit Bottlerocket and MI have done what you guys were doing 100 times better.

I admit nothing, your honor, Many further comments here.

— vinyl is back: still life with MTX Shards vol. 2.

— the complete set, apparently, of MTX Road to Ruin variants.

— found an old flier from a Manchester, 1997 MTX / Ghoulies Star and Garter gig in a jacket pocket, and memories ensued.

— a rambling interview for a fanzine, evidently done at the very same show. “Doing what’s best for the songs…” That’s still the motto.

— and your Friday morning “Deep Deep Down”, from Doug Helle. (Facebook video.) Is it a love song or murder ballad? The answer is, it’s a floor wax AND a dessert topping…


— test pressing of a soon-to-be-announced Dr Frank thing . More soon.

— from the sublime Liz Prince, a “Who Needs Happiness…” cat comic.

— ’tis I.


— Dames, etc.: blonde with heater; blonde with bow; lust slaying of the flaming redhead; smoking; here’s the part that’s censored in the movies; have gun, will woo; man’s inhumanity to blonde; they set up a luscious blonde as bait; the stairs,


— Sokal cubed? “Glass ceiling for dogs…”

I am Dr. Frank. I write books and songs. Mtx Forever.

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