Dr Frank Weakly Reader, 4.12.2019

Welcome to another Dr Frank Weakly Reader, where I produce an annotated index of what transpired in my bumbling, teetering web presence for the week. I’m rather impressed with myself for being able to manage it in the current schedule, as I’m traveling and far away from couch and cat (my writing environment, as many of you well know.) But here it is. I could have just skipped it, but I didn’t. It would have bothered me, somehow.


Mtx forever spotify playlists. People have been sending these in and there are lotsa good ones, including: “Songs about Girls” from our friend Josh Venables; “Somebody’s Songs,” from Harrison Lang Simms; “My Stupid Life,” from Greg Leo; “This is a song about a girl…” from Shaun Cowan; “We Are the Future Playlists of Tomorrow” from Glen Robinson.

If you want to join see this “explainer” from Sounds Rad and some deep background from me.

— Higher Breasts and a Bigger IQ: The Mr T Experience — “New Girlfriend” live in Genoa Italy, 1996. Video on YouTube. The “minor secrets” thereof may be found here. Visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel here.)

— From Sounds Rad: “One of three framed Shards Vol. 1 test pressings.”

— and your Friday morning “…and I Will Be with You”, continuing a series that began with last week’s live version from the Queers. This one’s from our friend Farhan Pratama, all the way from Indonesia. I saw a snip of it on Instagram and he was kind enough to send me a file. This isn’t a song I’d ever thought to do solo-acoustic, as it seems so drums-y, but in fact it does work this way. Thanks, Han!


— Baader-Meinhof Reverberations: the New Left and Me. Everything old is new again, yet still old, obviously. New post from me on Medium.

— lunch with my old buddy Grim Deeds included the customary exchange of product, followed by photos posted on the internet. This is how we live.(It’s the Dr Frank live flexi, pin, and stickers — #185, looks like.)

— Dr Naomi and Dr Frank: I once wrote a song about Naomi Wolf, sort of, and I think it’s safe to say we’ve had our differences, but I agree with her free speech message here, addressed to “@Britain.”


— Good morning world: The Upper Crust — “Everybody’s Equal”; Slim Pickens — “The Gospel According to John”; Noel Coward — “Let’s Do It”; the Selfkick — “Gosh! I’m Your Woman not Your Wife”.

— “Maple Leaf Rag” practice.

— In which I react to an unexpected interpolation of Bad Company’s “Shooting Star”: “I used to hear this song continually on the AOR radio when I was a kid, and it still takes me back now, bedroom floor staring at the ceiling wondering if it was ever going to be possible to figure out how to get girls to like me. Answer: be holding a guitar when you meet them.”

— Four great HENRY MANCINI albums and songs — with no Henry Mancini on them: great stuff from new minds.com Vinyl Collector member David Gasten.


— A well-executed, very informative, web guide to the Pre-Raphaelites.

— A nice twitter thread from Tony Wendice, well-illustrated with stills, on one of my favorite films, Ernst Lubitsch’s To Be Or Not To Be. (The Mel Brooks remake is great, too btw… I like them both.)

— And look: Altbauer’s Terrible Dragonspawn; Bettie Page’s comb technique; No Sex, Please, We’re British; veiled; whatever you were doing and wherever you were while you were doing it, I hope you had a very nice National Beer Day; à votre santé; spun; G. K. Chesterton in a box; Valkyrie Maiden by Howard David Johnson; Françoise Hardy with and as firecracker; now that your hair is longer; at the airport; coffee, tea, or me?

— not safe for “work,” apparently, you prudes. the High Priestess; Dita in a glass — cheers; Le Bain Turc by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres.

— and finally: Jupiter and Thetis, and an art history lesson.


— See something say something: saw James Joyce, Bette Davis, and Dorothy Parker trending on twitter and posted this: “Whenever a name is ‘trending; on the sidebar these days I just assume there’s some pile-on of ppl trying to “cancel” them or whatever. I mean, it’s what this site does best, 2 minutes of cancellation. But James Joyce, Bette Davis, & now: Dorothy Parker? The hell’s wrong with ya?”

— The internet “writing community” is like this now, I said, pointing to a shot of this now-deleted post about how “show don’t tell” imposes “emotional labor” on the reader. Someone on twitter linked me to this piece on pointless internet outrage eruptions, and I said shut it all down.


— How to break out of zip ties

— Cthulhu’ Fossil Reconstruction Reveals Monstrous Relative of Modern Sea Cucumbers.

— "It’s Time for the Heroic Male Paleontologist Trope to Go Extinct”. Actual headline at Slate.com.



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