Dr Frank Weakly Reader, 10.12.2018

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Sophie drew the Big Strange Beautiful Hammer picture.

So far so good with posting the weekly roundup on Medium, which I tried for the first time in quite a while last week. I mean, it’s probably shadow-banned and suppressed all over the place but at least no one deleted it. So here we go again, the weeks links and such. Gearing up for Hallowe’en, so: boo.


The Shards situation is still thus: all the Sounds Radical copies of both LPs are sold out, but they may still be found in various meatspace and virtual stores throughout the country and beyond. There’s a list here. Outside of the limited vinyl first pressing, there are more Shards products, including a double CD of both volumes, shirts, stickers, hoodies, etc. at this link.

— Tim Popkid reviews Shards vol. 2. My comments here.

MTX Shards vol 2 now available at Amoeba! They also appear to have vol. 1. Allegedly.

— People take pictures of their Shards.

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— The Mr T Experience “What Went Wrong” live Southampton UK, Summer of 1992, video on Youtube. And the “minor secrets” thereof. (I post material of this nature each Wednesday on my YouTube channel.)

— Your Friday morning “Sackcloth and Ashes” from Sethifus.


How I Met Sandra Day O’Connor. And played “Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend,” “King Dork,” and “I Wanna Ramone You” for her.

— Sad Ace. One of my favorite photographs.

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— Appreciating the Celibate Rifles.

— Lou Reed’s Edgar Allan Poe adaptation, illustrated by Lorenzo Mattotti. I haven’t heard the music (and to be honest I’m not sure I want to) but the art is stunning.

— RIP John Wicks of the Records and the Kursaal Flyers.

— “When you’re happy you enjoy the music; when you’re sad you understand the lyrics.”


— Happy Halloween: Helpless daughter of Satan; Esta Noite Encarnarei no Teu Cadáver; Devilettes; Masked; Sheer terror; Anton Lavey and lady friend; Eyes in the night; Nothing says Hallowe’en like Blatz.

—In song: The Coven — “Dignitaries of Hell”; Funboy Five — “Life after Death”; Cliff Richard — “Devil Woman”


— Farewell to a “legend of the night.”

And that’ll do it till next week. Have a good one or whatever.

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I am Dr. Frank. I write books and songs. Mtx Forever.

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