Dr Frank Weakly Reader for 11.09.2018

Welcome once again to my remedial internet index, all the stuff you missed from last week. Once again, my “home base” these days, internet-wise, is my minds.com page, at least till I find a better way. That means my posts generally start out there and migrate to the other platforms, which ban them, suppress them, invisible-ize, disorder, and otherwise mess with them, for dark reasons known only to themselves. So minds is where to go if you’d like to see the un-messed with flow. If you’d like to join in, use this link; otherwise, you can just observe.

— The long-promised two-day sale of some of that old recently-discovered Lookout stock will happen as soon as I get my printer working. Possibly this coming week so stay tuned.

— Amoeba currently has the entire in-print MTX catalog (small but growing) in stock, including both volumes of Shards, with free shipping in the US.

— Playing a solo show this month, part of the “Sad Bastard Club” singer-songwriter series at the Make Out Room. Guest curator/host is Bradley Skaught of the Bye Bye Blackbirds, and along with him and me there’ll be Sylvie Simmons and Will Gorgantas. Should be a good time. I plan to play some old favorites and test out some new stuff. Monday November 19, Make Out Room, 3225 22nd St., SF CA, 7:30, free. I’ll be there. Details here. Facebook event page here.

— We will have some MTX show announcements coming soon. If things go according to plan, it should be a good year.

— There are also some cool new Sounds Rad items in the works… announcements imminent. In the meantime, this stuff is available now.

— The Mr T Experience — “Psycho Girl” live at Gilman Street, Berkeley, 1988.

Minor secrets of The Mr T Experience “Psycho Girl” live at Gilman Street, Berkeley, 1988.

— Lauren Banjo“Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend”:

— Minor secrets of Lauren Banjo — “Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend” revealed! (And by the way, here’s Lauren’s way-out MTX celebratory breakfast.)

— No need to ruin your MTX records with a “RokBlok”.

— MTX / Sprocket Wheel / Husking Bee flier posted on twitter the same day I happen to be wearing my old Husking Bee shirt. There are no coincidences.

— Great moments in autographing: Marisa picked up a signed Night Shift… LP at 1234Go and inquired about the signature, which is typically how I sign stuff like that (a technique learned, I guess, from another celebrated doctor.) Daz forwards this one, where the Dr Frank arrow points to Jim. Probably a joke, but it could just be I didn’t know who I was at the time.

— I appear, or rather, I am interviewed on the Balls from Ellwood Show podcast.

— Vocal booth photo with beer (from the Andromeda Klein sessions.)

— Couldn’t manage a new Medium post for the scheduled day (Tues.) so I re-posted “My Dad, the Clash, and Me.”

— A good, good wine; and another.

— Saint Leonard of Noblac, patron saint of criminal justice reform, pray for us.

— Appreciating Magazine singles on the minds Vinyl Collector group. Another one of those little review-essays. This one sparked an interesting question: are there any other cases like the “Shot By Both Sides” / “Lipstick” situation? All I could think of was “4 Horsemen” / “Mechanix” but there must be more surely? Another note: a guy on twitter responded earnestly without reading the article, mentioning his favorite flexis that came in magazines. “Magazine singles” in other words. I get it.

— Appreciating the Hardy Boys’ Here Come the Hardys (on the minds Vinyl Collector group as well.) A real neglected gem, according to me.

— Good morning world: The Free Design — “Bubbles”; Rosalind Madison — “Fancy”; Gene Clark — “So You Say You Lost Your Baby” (acoustic demo);

Girl with lute, by Lefebvre

— Still can’t make up my mind which record to buy

— Girl in a jam.

— The second best shape.

Valley of

— The Bat Girl in person

— Crystal waters. Currently writing a song about this, kinda.

Mike’s dilemma.

— A Mania for All Seasons: The Continuing Importance of ‘The Devils of Loudun’. I addressed this here a ways back. And here, basically.

And that’ll do it. We shall return.



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