Clearer than the Teardrop in My Eye

The Dr Frank Weakly Reader for 4.23.21, incl.

Welcome, minions, if such there be, to yet another Dr Frank Weakly Reader, covering two weeks once again instead of the usual one because it was skipped last week. Mistakes were made. Sometimes indexing one’s own internet content for an audience of not much more than one is too much for the sensitive soul to face.

But then, one bursts forth and comes surging back. Such has been the nature of weakly readers for æons, I imagine. The narcissistic personality disorder must go on.

So here we are, burst, surged, drained, and somewhat slightly smudged… so let’s away to the weak that was…


— LK 232, a/k/a Alcatraz: Mark Murphy’s got ’em all.

Also LK 236, the Smugglers’ Rosie, on which they did a couple of my songs, providing the best bit on my rock and roll CV.

— A nice cover of “Hell of Dumb” by Mallory Wayt:

— Odin, songs for:

We had “I Fell for You” live in Seattle, May 11, 1998, with dancers:

“Minor secrets” here.

And then we had Dr Frank doing “I Wrote a Book about Rock and Roll” somewhere in Italy, September, 2012. Hey, that’s me:

And the “minor secrets” are here. Massoneria Ramonica ftw.

Follow along with the Songs for Odin playlist here.


— Our man Klode: taking a great pic and making it better, as usual. (Above.)

— I ❤ stories: King Dork in the SF Juvenile Hall library.

— My Dad, the Clash, and Me: in lieu of a Weakly Reader last week, we revisited an old story. It’s an essay on Medium.


— Enoch Light and the Light Brigade — “Marakesh Express”:


— Roman calendar: Fulbert of Chartres, (in stained glass but also in a frame somehow); Saint Guthlac, illuminated; The Interior Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, art by Agnolo Bronzino (detail);

Saint Hermenegild, in relief, one of the Dancing Kings of Tlaxcala; Lidwina of Schiedam on the ice; Hunna of Strasbourg at the ironing; Saint Magnus of Orkney, with horned helmet and battle axe, in stained glass; Sanctae Mariae Sabbato, art by Far Angelico; Good Shepherd Sunday, art by Brueghel the Younger; Saint Ælfheah’s prayer; Cædwalla of Wessex, Rex Saxonum; Saint Anselm of Canterbury, illuminated; Saint Opportuna of Montreal; for Saint George’s Day, Uccello’s George and the Dragon

— Other: a sweater girl, a dog, a penguin; The End; bespectacled reader in underwear; a demon doing his makeup; it would be cool if no more things happened for a while; her super-kiss; a blonde among the daisies (if those are daisies); Hazel Brooks with stiletto; a table with candles, art by Vilhelm Hammershøi; yet another girl with daisy; the shape of the future for hair; two generations, paisley and floral

— … and:


— In this house, we believe…: Bigfoot edition. I laughed.

— RIP Frank Jacobs, warper of my childhood.

— And farewell also to Jim Steinman, a warper as well:

— And, Les McKeown of the Bay City Rollers, I think I’ll miss you most of all`..


And that’s all I got, at least with respect to this here weakly reader. But for those who’ve made it this far down the page, here’s Sasha Grey leaning on an old TV:

See you next week.

I am Dr. Frank. I write books and songs. Mtx Forever.